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Blistex is an American company that develops, produces, and markets personal care products. It began as a small family company in 1947. Its focus was to develop and market lip care products in the United States. It then became a private company based in Oak Brook, Illinois that primarily manufactures lip balm, lip ointment, and other lip-related products.

A former employee said this in a review at Indeed website: "Blistex is a "good ole white boys club" where it is difficult to traverse the "glass ceiling" as a minority. Politics of the president are akin to Trumpian politics. It is a disturbing work environment to say the least. Either you "drink the kool-aid" or if you go against the grain you'll be tactfully terminated through some unsubstantiated claim by upper management".


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company is run in a very monarchical style where decisions are made behind closed doors by the CEO and the President, with most of these decisions being greatly influenced by the perspective of the President. In this monarchical atmosphere, managers and directors are rarely asked to provide the real perspective. As others have written, it is widely known that there is an environment of bullying by the President; it is astounding that the CEO and the shareholders have let this continue. Such an environment creates widespread anxiety and stress for employees; mental health is not well at Blistex. Many solid performing employees have left, either on their own will or by the will of the President. It is well known that you will not last at Blistex if you are not on President's "buddy list"."


"Unorganized, people work in fear, lack of support from upper management"

Former Employee - Marketing says

"If I could give no stars for an overall rating, I would. You can earn a good living here as long as you follow along with what you're told to do. You are not challenged, but rather expected to follow orders instead of actually help manage a business as a team of professionals. There is no individual input to your own work objectives or business plans. There is zero room for advancement or growth. Everyone is very tight lipped about EVERYTHING and employees conduct themselves to just go along or risk being unprofessionally disciplined. Be careful not to voice your thoughts on better business practices or risk being a target for fallout. Many of the executives have been there over 20 years and are milking it until retirement. High level leaders have no problem yelling at people and making an example out of them in front of everyone. The CEO is a great person and needs to take more control over the direction of the company. There are some good people within, but felt they were just puppets and afraid to rock the boat. This is also the most inefficient organization I've been a part of. There are major bottlenecks to finalize an objective b/c EVERYTHING must be blessed by top management. When a certain top level leader spends time choosing the paint colors, wallpaper style, and pictures that decorate the walls, you know there’s too much control. Yes, it's that ridiculous ! The brand managers don't actually manage anything b/c no one is trusted to make a decision and actually manage. Blistex laughably acts like a big shouldered company. I've been told vendors don't even like working with them. Departments are run like individual silos and cooperation and communication between them is poor. The littlest mistakes get criticized, such as grammar in an email or simple spelling errors. Management rather spend time criticizing than focusing on results and the big picture. There is no 401k and no allotted amount of sick days given. So, if you like wearing a noose (necktie) every day, enjoy taking orders, and like working in an office environment that compares to a morgue, this company is for you. I would strongly advise to look elsewhere if you don't want the life sucked out of you. Working for Nazi Germany might be similar."


"The guy who is the president has every single person at the company under his thumb and he micro manages everything all the way down to the type of toilet paper purchased for the bathrooms. Watch out for him because he will yell at you even if it is in the hallway in front of others. Working 50-60 hours is normal especially in marketing. Watch your back because like others have said, you will get stabbed in the back if you aren't careful."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where do I begin? I was salaried so I was expected to work as many hours as they wanted & do whatever it took to get the project done. I didn't see my family for days because I spent too many hours at the company. The executive level of the company is completely unreasonable about family issues & personal problems. If something personal was getting in the way of your job performance, then you must do something about it or they will do it for you. Any time off (breaks & lunches too) were very closely monitored & other employees were encouraged to watch each other. No feeling of cooperation or family at that place. It always felt like someone was going to stab you in the back."

Operations says

"Where to begin? I actually had a lot of respect for the Blistex brand before starting here. That soon changed. Don't know how most people who work in/near compounding and production area haven't fallen ill with lung problems yet. Upper management always keeps its distance from learning about any problems. As long as they don't know, they can't be affected. When problems get bigger and start to boil over, then it's full on damage control, by blaming the little guy why he didn't speak up sooner. If little guy had spoken up on time, they would have found a way to get rid of him. It's like being in between a rock and a hard place."

Current Employee - Operations says

"Management is absolutely worthless, will not back you up even though they say they will. I am not sure how they have made money to stay in business. Expected to work ungodly amount of hours a week or more to get the job done."

Former Employee - QC Technician says

"They expect that you start working independently as soon as possible but the trainer was not good and held temporary employee responsible for her mistakes. For e.g I was blamed not to enter data though I had no excess. Was doing a lot of work without proper training."


"environment is unhealthy, unprofessional and pitiful"

Aerotek Temp (Current Employee) says

"its a good place to work if your not trying to become something else in life. youl will start as a packer and wont be anything else but an operator if given the chance. otherwise youll always be a packer. with no raises or benefits.youll get your 40 hoursyou wont grow in the company"

anonymous (Former Employee) says

"I had hoped for more. I had thought this company was "family oriented". I worked long hours here and didn't see much of my wife and I knew things were bad when the baby came and I wasn't able to be there. I took some vacation time but had to keep working on vacation due to business deadlines. As time went by it became worse. If I had to leave an hour early for even a doctors appointment, I had to take a 1/2 day vacation. The top guy who runs the company was a micro manager...i'm sure he still is. Watch out for him and don't cross him. Old school management style. Colleagues and I had spent way too much time trying to keep up with the political game... a true waste of talented time. Hope it is better today but when I left, people were afraid to even speak up during the exit interview.Not manyBackwards thinking. nasty politics."

Confidential (Former Employee) says

"Blistex is a "good ole white boys club" where it is difficult to traverse the "glass ceiling" as a minority. Politics of the president are akin to Trumpian politics. It is a disturbing work environment to say the least. Either you "drink the kool-aid" or if you go against the grain you'll be tactfully terminated through some unsubstantiated claim by upper management."

Quality Assurance Inspector (Former Employee) says

"I did a good job but I was always on time and very seldmon off. i loved doing what I wa doing for 17 years."

Packing Associate (Former Employee) says

"Good place to work so can have warehouse experience and meet new people and fun working in a warehouse ............................,,,,.......,...,,.....,.:.,,Short hours20 minutes lunch"

Buyer/Planner (Former Employee) says

"I began as a purchasing assistant and quickly had a handle on the duties entailed and started asking my director if there was anything else I could do. I was then responsible for the production schedule review meeting. After given the expected takeaways of the meeting and the report, I augmented the report as a rough-cut capacity plan and displayed the capacities by line as well as the scheduling and capabilities. Instead of delayed answers and decisions, my report gave more suitable information so that our VP of Operations began attending to approve schedule and priority changes. I was then tasked with managing the inventory obsolescence budget where I had reduced it by 20% in two years. I managed this by working with Quality, Marketing and Sales by asking questions such as using slightly out-of-spec artwork (color spec) with Marketing approval, running out promotional materials or repeating promotions, and closing out short-dated product or running promotions. If none of this could be achieved, I would arrange the destruction or donation of products and materials. I was asked by Marketing to give detailed analyses of "what-if" scenarios of low-movement/end of life cycle brands which became the basis of executive and enterprise decisions. Finally I was given the responsibility of inventory availability for Blistex Corp., our subsidiary in Mississauga, Ontario. I worked as their advocate and liaison which was something they haven't had in the past. I also shipped them different stages of WIP and finished goods since their co-packer was breaking down our finished goodsGreat benefits, decentralized management, interdepartmental communicationCoworkers, lack of management support and appropriate compensation" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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